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Flirt is a dating site very similar to sites like eDarling and Girlfriend. More than a million users have been Registered and are designed for adults. The Service is very simple and the creation of the account is completely free and only takes a few minutes.  

To Register simply:

-Choose whether we are male or female

-Give age (only for adults)

-Enter the city where we are

-Enter your email address and password

-Download the mail and click on the activation link or recode the email from the website

… And already, we are registered. Now you just need to login, make up your profile and we have access to a huge database of people willing to meet. is not only a regular dating site, but it also allows you to search for people willing for erotic meetings or sex dating.

Once you create an account, you can practically immediately start viewing other people's profiles based on basic data such as: Age and location. Everything is displayed in a neat and transparent way, and the profile pictures have quite a lot of dimensions which makes it easy to browse. The Ratio of women to men is quite aligned here which means that the chances of the relationship are quite high. Today, on the Polish market, flirting is a dating portal with new users coming soon.

Click on the link below and sign up for free:

However, if you do not have the basic functions of the website, you can extend your membership for a premium package.

After Clicking on the button "REGISTER And buy the PREMIUM PACKAGE" we register on the site, complete the profile, and then on the homepage click on the button "GET MORE" (photo beside).

And then choose one of the packages that we interested. We make Payments by providing data from a VISA or MasterCard ATM card.

For a Detailed list of packages, read below.

Extend your membership with premium benefits!

-Top position in the Co
in search-Receive a read rec
eipt-5x more view


HTTPS Encryption
-Incognito Browsing-A
utomatic deletion of history


-BONUS: Higher in Search, 5x more view

What can I do as a free member?
Free Membership offers great opportunities to search and view profiles. You can watch messages in chat rooms, watch pages with activity, friends and collect data, and send playful text and let your eyes go.

Is the site really free for women?
All ladies can get a FREE membership on our website. Free Membership gives you basic access to the site. You can reply and send messages to all men. For more options and to be able to contact women, you need to purchase a full membership.

What's the difference between free and full membe
rship? Free Membership allows you to register a profile, use a comprehensive search for free and watch messages in public chat rooms.
Full Membership (subscription) provides access to all aspects of the website, including chat, messaging, and new features. Members can fully send an unlimited number of messages, view all search results, access all members ' photos and watch them full-time. They can also contact popular people and check information in the profile of any person.

How Many messages can I se
nd? With full membership, you can send an unlimited number of messages per day to a limited number of people.

A free Membership has some restrictions on sending messages. You Can send up to 5 messages a day to different people (except the popular one), no more than 1 message to each.